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At the age of 19 he joined the Spanish National Ballet as a guitarist and composer, touring the best theatres in the world for 6 years.

Composer and guitarist on Niña Pastori’s legendary albums such as “Cañailla” and “María”.

With the Alegrías “Sobre La Arena” he manages to captivate artists and fans alike.

Solo guitarist in Armando Manzanero and Lolita’s duet “Somos Novios”.

Guitarist and composer for artists such as Duquende, Marina Heredia, La Tana, La Susi


Collaborator of international artists such as Alejandro Sanz, Eros Ramazzotti, Santiago Cruz or Joan Manuel Serrat.


Composer of the soundtrack of the film Sin Vergüenza, awarded with 2 Goyas.

Composer in the shows Sabores and Carmen by Sara Baras

Composer of the song “No me da miedo” the most voted song by Eurofans from Pastora Soler’s album “Una mujer como yo” to represent Spain at Eurovision. Would she have won with this song?

Composer of hits such as “Algo especial en ti” with more than 30 million plays on Youtube and 10 million on Spotify.

Among her work as a singer, the song “En un rincón de mi pecho” stands out with more than 5 million reproductions on YouTube.

His duets with Pastora Soler, Miguel Poveda and Santiago Cruz also stand out.


Two of his favourite productions for other artists are “Tierra” and “Una Gaditana en Bollywood”.


In 2016 he surprises with the flamenco guitar album “Origen” and in 2019 he takes a big step as a composer with the album “Pasaje Andaluz” with the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra.

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