Las Huellas de Dios (FISICO + DIGITAL)



1- Calle San Francisco:
Here I am transported, as in the book Caballo de Troya by J.J. Benitez, to the Christmas of 1947 when Paco de Lucia had just been born.

2- El Greco
I composed this colombiana thinking about the moment when Paco de Lucia went on tour for the first time with José Greco’s company in the United States.

3- Calle Ilustración
For this buleria I remembered the images from the wonderful series Rito y Geografía del cante, where Paco appears in the kitchen of the family home on Calle Ilustración in Madrid. That way of keeping the rhythm, already in disuse, was the first reason I had in mind to start creating this piece.

4- El Mesías
One of the most important encounters in the history of flamenco… It is not easy for two such great artists to coincide in time and many of us had the good fortune to live in the same era.

5- Un Nuevo Mundo
The immersion in other styles such as Jazz was something fundamental in the musical growth of Paco de Lucia, which in turn was the growth of the language of flamenco. Everything changed from there.

6- Antonio y Luzia
I believe that the loss of his parents was a turning point in Maestro’s life.

7- Xpu-Há
He said that in this place in the Mexican Caribbean he was able to be in a magical state, a truly magical state, he emphasized…
And in that place it became eternal…

8- Eterno
A long time ago I composed the first part of this last piece of the album, I never knew where to place it, until it found its place by itself…
Let us celebrate his life and his immeasurable legacy.

9- Bonus Track (Only in the book-CD)
Some alegrías that I composed at the age of 17 and recorded in the basement of Ramón de Algeciras’ house in Getafe at the age of 19.

I loved playing in that basement because it had very good reverb and even though the recording is on cassette it sounds pretty good.


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